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Yeah! It's finally here for your downloading pleasure on the Nintendo 3DS eShop!

Simply scan this QR Code with your 3DS (which you can do by selecting 'Settings/Other' within the eShop) and you're on your way to portable BIT.TRIPPERY!


Read more over at the BIT.TRIP SAGA blog!

The day has finally come!

Fire up your 3DS and plop down $14.99 USD on the eShop to take your BIT.TRIP with you!

Of course, BIT.TRIP SAGA is also availabe in PHYSICAL FORM as well!

Check out the new BIT.TRIP SAGA game page for links to all the places you can exchange money for this amazing video game product!

Also, don't forget that all the BIT.TRIP Soundtracks featured in SAGA are also for sale!

You can buy them via...

Have fun and don't forget to look before you leap!