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How to unlock CommandgirlVideo in Woah Dave!

Jason Cirillo

Posted on Friday, November 7, 2014 - 4:42pm

Hey! It’s Jason. You guys enjoying Woah Dave!? I hope so! Otherwise they’ll fire me.

So, we have been doing some streaming of Woah Dave! and having a ton of fun interacting with fans. We decided, as a super special gift to you all, to reveal a secret unlockable character in the game: CommandgirlVideo!

While you were sleeping, all nice and warm in your beds, the Choice Provisions One-Eyed Deer crept into each and every one of your homes and sprinkled a slightly stinky, but glistening magical dust all over your 3DSes, Macs, PCs, Linux-whatevers, and iOS devices, and added CommandgirlVideo to your game! To play as her, all you need to do is the following:

Pause the game

Press RIGHT, DOWN, RIGHT, JUMP. (If you’re using a PC or iOS controller, it MIGHT be a different button other than JUMP.)*

Hear a ding!

Unpause and revel in the beauty of CommandgirlVideo doing the job of Dave!

She can do everything Dave can do! Enjoy! And stay tuned for more streaming, because we might have a few more tricks up our sleeves.



* Sadly, an iOS controller is needed in order to unlock characters in the iOS version.

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CommanderVideo will be a trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U!

Dant Rambo

Posted on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 - 2:47pm

“So a while back Rayman was confirmed as a trophy in Smash Bros. Rayman isn't playable, and indeed isn't in the game in any form other than this trophy. However, as he was created by Ubisoft, he's third party: meaning that third party trophies are possible even if they aren't playable. What I'm getting at is this: COMMANDERVIDEO TROPHY?”

A couple months back, someone sent us that question on Tumblr. We didn’t respond, because we didn’t want to spoil the surprise. In fact, I’ve lost count of the amount of tweets, Facebook posts, Tumblr questions, and other such inquiries we’ve received on this very subject. We ignored most of those as well. There was simply no way to respond without either giving it away or making it sound as though we were dismissing the idea entirely.

Fast forward to now, and Nintendo has announced via Nintendo Direct that CommanderVideo will be a trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. We’ve known about it internally for a few months now, of course, but our excitement hasn’t deterred one bit since we first found out. We are—as one might imagine—over the moon that a character of ours is going to show up in a series as beloved as Smash Bros. Were we not so hard at work on making awesome games, we’d stop work for the day and crack open the champagne. Maybe later tonight.

For now, let us know what you think! We’ll be hanging out on Twitter and Facebook watching everybody react to the news, and I’ll do my best to respond to everything people say (unless you’re a total jerk).

Thank you so much to all the folks who rallied for this to happen. You have no idea how much it helped!

P.S. - Shameless plug time! Our new game Woah Dave! is available now on 3DS, iOS, and Steam!

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Woah Dave! is out now!

Dant Rambo

Posted on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 - 2:31pm

Woah, everybody! In case you missed the memo (and by memo, I mean our endless stream of tweets), Woah Dave! is available now on 3DS, iOS, and Steam! Based on the feedback we've seen from reviewer and fan alike, people seem to be really enjoying it! Have you picked it up yet? If not, you have no excuse!

And for those who have picked it up, we hope you're having fun with it! I know it's a cliche, but it truly was a labor of love on our part. We put a lot of work into the game, and we're excited to finally watch our little Dave spread his wings and fly. Please be gentle with him.

On a more musical note (sorry), we have good news for those of you who are enjoying the game's soundtrack! You can purchase it on iTunes and CD Baby! Exclamation point! Smiley face :D!


CD Baby

Alternatively, if you're not the purchasing type, you can stream it via Spotify, Beats, and probably other streaming services we've never heard of!

Now go forth, and be the best Dave you can be.

P.S. - I've seen a few people asking on Twitter and elsewhere, so just to reiterate: Woah Dave! is indeed coming to PS4 and Vita. No release date yet, but it shouldn't be too long.




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