Hello! If you're having issues playing Laserlife or you encounter any bugs you think we should know about, please contact us at support@totallychoice.com.

If playing on Steam, please also make sure to check whether your PC or Mac is capable of running the game before you purchase. Specs can be found on the Steam pageLaserlife Game Instructions 


Gameplay Instructions

From menu select the unlocked orb.

Then select the first icon (button) to proceed to gameplay. 

You can return to this screen and replay levels for a higher score whenever you want


Phase 1 

Use the analog sticks to steer the laser. Align the laser with the center of each molecule. When the laser penetrates the center molecule press R1 or R2 for molecules the right laser is intercepting and L1 or L2 for the left laser. 

You must collect enough molecules to completely fill the meter at the top of the screen before the end of phase 1. If you are unable to collect enough you will restart the level until you have enough to move on to Phase 2


Phase 2 

Use the analog sticks to steer the lasers and intercept the targets.

The targets will turn green when you are properly aligned with them.

If you miss too many and your meter is drained you will fail the mode and be forced to restart the phase. 

If you make it successfully to the end of the phase you will advance to phase 3. 


Phase 3

Use the analog sticks to steer the lasers and avoid the red barriers 

Hitting the barriers will reduce your energy bar and if it is fully depleted you will restart phase 2. 

If you reach the end of the tunnel with your meter in tact you will continue to phase 4. 


Phase 4 

Move the thumbtacks rapidly to charge the astronaut and build your score. 


After completing phase 4 you are returned to the level select menu and the next level is unlocked. 



There are 3 difficulties and each memory/level can be completed on each difficulty and each has a respective leaderboard.