BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

Runner2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed and IGF award winning BIT.TRIP RUNNER.

In the style of the BIT.TRIP series, Runner2 is a rhythm-music platforming game.

Players will run through fantastic environments, using brand new moves, to brand new soundtracks as they run, jump, slide, kick, and soar toward the goal of tracking down the Timbletot and thwarting his evil plans to destroy not only our world, but every world there is.

Runner2 will dazzle your soul with...

  • 5 exciting worlds!
  • 125 tantalizing levels!
  • Death defying BOSS battles!
  • 8 playable characters!
  • Tons of unlockable costumes!
  • Thrilling Retro Challenges with music by Disasterpeace!
  • Zany Cutscenes narrated by Charles Martinet!
  • And a whole lot more!

PLATFORMS: PSN, XBLA, Wii U eShop, PC, Mac, Linux

RELEASE DATE: February 26, 2013


9.0 – GameSpot

9.0 – Official XBOX Magazine

9.0 – Nintendo Life




Runner2 Blog
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Miiverse Challenge Draw: Fake Products Edition

Dant Rambo

Posted on Thursday, June 20, 2013 - 4:23pm

For this week's Miiverse Challenge Draw, we tasked the Miiverse community with creating fake products in the same style as those found in Runner2. We received quite a few amazing submissions, and most of them had us laughing out loud (or LOL-ing, as the kids say). But because this is a contest (of sorts), we knew we had to buckle down and pick a winner. After much deliberation, we decided to go with swivelface's submission:

As always, we're super grateful for every single submission, and we loved them all. Furthermore, we love you all. This post is starting to get a little too sentimental, isn't it?

I'll see myself out.

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Miiverse Challenge Draw: Hot Date Edition

Dant Rambo

Posted on Friday, June 14, 2013 - 12:55pm

For this week's CHALLENGE DRAW, we asked the Miiverse community to draw a picture of CommanderVideo and CommandgirlVideo on a date. It was a pretty open-ended concept, and as such people took a lot of different (and awesome) approaches to it. However, after much deliberation, we ultimately decided to go with Luv's entry:

Pretty cool, no? And as for everyone else, you did an amazing job! There's not a single bad one in the bunch, I'd say.

CHALLENGE DRAW is a weekly event, so tune in next Wednesday for another installment! There are no prizes for winning, but we hope that the fun you have while drawing is a reward in and of itself.


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Miiverse Challenge Draw: Bad Art Edition

Dant Rambo

Posted on Thursday, June 6, 2013 - 4:06pm

For this week's Miiverse Challenge Draw, we tasked everyone with drawing the worst CommanderVideo they possibly could. The competition was heated (seriously, a lot of them were awful), but in the end, we had to go with this piece from Sean:

Isn't it horrible?!

We always knew you were all excellent artists, but now we know that - when you try - you can also be terrible artists. Talk about range!

Tune in next week for another Miiverse Challenge Draw!


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