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This week is filled with announcements!

Dant Rambo

Posted on Wednesday, February 3, 2016 - 11:01am

Hey everyone!

Although we’ve been pretty proactive about announcing all our upcoming stuff on Twitter and Facebook, I thought it might be a good idea to write everything up in a blog post. There’s just too much going on right now and having it all in one place seems like a good idea.

Let’s start with Tharsis. Many of you have been asking us when the “Missions” mode would be coming. A fair question, to be sure, and I’m excited to say that it’s coming to Steam this Friday! There will be five missions at first, with the plan to add more as time goes on. We hope you like it!

And then there’s Shutshimi, a game that could not be any more different from Tharsis. It’s been out on PS4, Vita and Steam since August, and now it’s making its way to Wii U! Better yet, it’s arriving there tomorrow (2/4)!

If you didn’t know, Shutshimi was developed by an awesome studio called Neon Deity Games. They make really great games (as evidenced by Shutshimi) and we’re honored they let us publish one of them!

We have another announcement to make, but unfortunately it will have to wait until tomorrow! I’ll say this about it, though: it’s something people have been asking us about for a long time. Stay tuned!


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All six classic BIT.TRIP games are available now on PS4 and Vita

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Posted on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 - 11:01am

Hey everyone! We feel like we’ve done a pretty good job of getting the word out about all six of the original BIT.TRIP games being out now on PS4 and Vita (having it announced during the PlayStation Experience keynote certainly helped!), but if you didn’t get the memo, this blog post is for you!

If you fire up your PS4 or Vita right now, you’ll find something called “The BIT.TRIP” in the PlayStation Store. Don’t be scared - it’s just a compilation featuring BIT.TRIP BEAT, BIT.TRIP CORE, BIT.TRIP VOID, BIT.TRIP RUNNER, BIT.TRIP FATE, and BIT.TRIP FLUX, at the extremely affordable price of $9.99. There’s also cross-buy, cross-save, cross-platform trophies, and cross-platform leaderboards!

The BIT.TRIP will be making its way to PS3 in the near future, and will be free to those who already purchased the PS4 or Vita versions!

Enjoy! And stay tuned for more awesome announcements!

P.S. - Tharsis is coming to PS4 and Steam on January 12! That’s less than a month away!

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Announcing the next wave of Choice Publishing titles!

Dant Rambo

Posted on Thursday, October 8, 2015 - 11:21am

We've released two games under the Choice Publishing banner since we began the initiative in February: Shutshimi for PS4, Vita and Steam (and soon Wii U), and Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria for Steam, Wii U and 3DS. If you haven't played them yet, shame on you. We forgive you, but shame on you all the same.

Now, without further ado, it's our pleasure to announce A) the amazing new site we had created for Choice Publishing (shoutout to Cory Hughart!) and B) the next three titles we'll be publishing:

Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice (Developer: Muteki)

Join Ogden and the heroes of Westeria in this classic JRPG epic, Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice. Travel through the frozen wastelands of Tundaria, experiencing action-packed battles without random encounters, using spatially aware Area-of-Effect attacks and power moves. Travel by pirate ship, defending against enemies in thrilling ship-to-ship rock monster combat! Defeat oncoming hordes of demons and huge bosses that threaten the entire world of Dragon Fantasy.

Originally released on Vita and PS3 as Dragon Fantasy Book II, the game is finally making its way to 3DS, Wii U, and Steam! This release will feature a new boss, a new bestiary, and new additions to the story!

More information about Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice can be found here: http://choicepublishing.com/game/dragon-fantasy-black-tome-ice   

Shift DX (Developers: Fishing Cactus and Moragami

Shift DX marks the return of the classic Shift series. The game will feature all of the levels contained in Shift 1 and 2, along with 100 all-new levels designed specially for this release. It will also allow players to create their own levels and share them online!

Shift DX is coming soon to Nintendo 3DS!

More information about the game can be found here: http://choicepublishing.com/game/shift-dx 

Drive!Drive!Drive! (Developer: different cloth

Let us try to explain how this brain-melting idea works: you must race & manage multiple tracks at the same time. You are able to switch between the different tracks of a race any time you like. When you switch away from a track, a computer racer takes over driving on that track for you.

Drive!Drive!Drive! is a game about strategy. And dumb computer drivers. And track management. It’s a game about strategy and dumb computer drivers and track management.

The game will feature an amazing soundtrack by the world's state-of-the art synth/prog/post-rock band ZOMBI, not to mention those trippy retro/future visuals all the kids are hallucinating over.

Oh, and did we mention it's set across different galaxies and multiple gravities?

Drive!Drive!Drive! is coming soon to PS4, Vita, Steam and possibly elsewhere!

More information about Drive!Drive!Drive! can be found here: http://choicepublishing.com/game/drivedrivedrive and the game's trailer can be viewed here.


If you made it to the end of this blog post, congratulations! Your attention span is commendable and you have excellent taste in games. Now mosey on over to the Choice Publishing site and read more, you amazing person, you.