Woah Dave! Tips and Tricks (Updated)

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Hey everyone!

As you’ve hopefully seen by now, we recently released our game Woah Dave! on 3DS, iOS, and Steam (PS4 and Vita to come). Since then, people have been asking us for tips and tricks on how to achieve higher scores. Being the kind people we are, we couldn’t possibly deny such a request. 

I reached out to everyone at the studio and asked them to offer a tip or two on how to collect as many of those precious pennies as possible. Follow these tips, and you’ll be a pro Dave in no time.

FAIR WARNING: Some of these tips are completely useless.

  • In normal mode, if the bottom platform hasn’t disappeared yet, you can stand directly under the center platform and dodge all aliens. This only works until either UFOs arrive or the aliens evolve into flying eyeballs. - Dant
  • Rather than picking up a skull to throw it at an egg, try throwing eggs at a skull that’s about to explode. - Dant
  • If there's a large amount of coins surrounded by eggs and skulls, pick up a recently dropped item before running in and grabbing them. This will prevent you from accidentally picking up something that's on the verge of killing you. - Andy
  • In the beginning, try to collect 4 woah blocks on screen at once, so when you throw the fifth one, you get 40 pennies instantly. - Alex
  • Don't be afraid to use a skull multiple times to clear eggs out of areas you don't want them in. - Andy
  • If your game is going poorly, on your last life, get a lot of enemies on screen, throw a Woah Block, then commit suicide. When you start your next game, all those pennies will give you a great head start. — Alex
  • Try to keep the eggs to one side of the screen as they drop. - Andy
  • Eat weird Swedish cheese. - Danny
  • Float a booger. - Alex
  • Upgrade to a cyberbrain for faster reflexes - Andrew
  • Make sure your marriage has a Woah Dave! clause in it. - Brian

Any other tips you care to contribute? Post them in the comments!

UPDATE: We reached out to our Twitter followers to see if they had any tips they'd like to share as well. Here's what we got back!

  • Top left and right corners are UFO magnets (until respective ledges are destroyed). Toss everything asap and don't be greedy! - @zeldana
  • Try to fill the screen with a lot of enemies/objects before using the Woah! Block. - @Agentdave7
  • Protect the upper left platform at all costs. Losing it hurts your scoring potential more than losing your first life. - @Veloso
  • When a UFO stops over the left platform, you can walk under him safely. Risky, but again you really have to protect the plat. @Veloso
  • you dont - @zbw2000


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