We've debuted a new song from Runner3!

Dant Rambo

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I think most of you know this by now, but we've set up a dedicated blog for Runner3. We usually announce or share 1-2 things about the game per week, from who the bosses will be, to what strange new characters you can expect to play as. One of the coolest things we've shared, however, is the first-ever song from the game. You can read about it here, or you can jump straight to the music here. This is some of the music you'll be hearing in Foodland, which is one of the playable worlds in Runner3! 

We still need to do a mixing pass on the song, but all-in-all what you're hearing should be pretty indicative of what you'll hear when the game releases. Let us know what you think of it!

Oh, and come hang out with us on the Runner3 blog


Submitted by IvanPeterman on Sat, 02/11/2017 - 3:45am

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Submitted by MiNgaStahr24 on Fri, 06/30/2017 - 8:01pm

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