Martian Food for Thought

Dant Rambo

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There's a fun Mars-related image that's been making the rounds lately. You might've seen it:

(I'd attribute a source, but I can't figure out where this image originated. The Internet is too damn big.)

It's a fun thought on the surface, but if you really read into what's being said there, it gets even more amazing. "Mars is the only known planet inhabited solely by robots." The subtext, of course, is that there might be other planets out there inhabited by robots.

Long story short, space is amazing. If we didn't think it was, we wouldn't be making Tharsis.


Submitted by IvanPeterman on Thu, 10/12/2017 - 4:38am

The image is really good and gives me new ideas about Mars. I learn so much about planets from EssayMama an am always fascinated about Mars. I can now imagine robotic martians attacking earth through their technology - a wonderful thought for a game.