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As many of you are likely aware, the BIT.TRIP series tells a story. We don’t often talk about that story—nor do we tell people they’re right or wrong when they theorize about it—but it’s there. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, some people have begun to wonder if all of our games fit into this story. Again, we’re not going to say one way or another if that’s true, but it’s always super interesting for us to see what people come up with.

Last Friday we received one of the most out-there, elaborate theories about our games to date. It comes from Ganon95, a longtime BIT.TRIP fan who’s made some great remixes of BIT.TRIP and Woah Dave! tracks. He reached out to us and informed us he thought that Woah Dave! and Destructamundo fit somewhere in the BIT.TRIP canon, and we couldn't resist asking him to elaborate on that. We’re going to paste his entire theory below, but our sharing it here should not be considered an endorsement. We just thought it was too fun not to share.

If you have any crazy theories about our games, definitely let us know! We’ll share the best ones here on our site!

“Woah Dave! Deluxe is seen from Dave Lonuts perspective.

Mingrawn Timbletot is the one behind the alien invasion in Woah Dave! Dave Lonuts is caught up in this mess when he is abducted and mind controlled into believing he is fighting an alien army when in reality he is helping them destroy the world.

Dave and CommandgirlVideo are married in Deluxe, however this is not the same CommandgirlVideo from BIT.TRIP. They have a kid named Jr. Melchkin, but this is not the same Melchkin from BIT.TRIP.

CommandgirlVideo and Jr. Melchkin were with Dave when he was abducted and were also put under mind control. 

The alien invasion eventually ends in a retreat and everyone who was under the affect of the mind control returned to normal. nobody believed they were abducted and due to their crimes against humanity, they were sentenced to death after the events of Dave Deluxe.

Jr. Melchkin was sent to live with his grandparents. He does not remember much about what happened.

Dave Lonuts is CommanderVideo’s father. 

Jr.Melchkin from Deluxe is CommanderVideo himself and the events of WD take place before BIT.TRIP CORE but after BIT.TRIP BEAT. The first cutscene of CORE is Jr. Melchkin moving in with his grandparents. After the events of WD. They end up changing his name from Jr. Melchkin to CommanderVideo.

The entire 6-game BIT.TRIP series is seen from CommanderVideo’s perspective and the cutscenes are all actually CV’s memories of his life which all flashed before his eyes at the end of FATE before he died.

Because the first cutscene in CORE took place when he was very young he doesn't remember it clearly.

There is a several year gap between discovery and exploration.

CV grew up with his grandparents and has some memory of his mother, the CommandgirlVideo from Dave. 

In RUNNER he meets up with a kid who reminds him a lot of himself, Jr. Melchkin. Because the game is seen from his perspective, Jr. Melchkin looks like he did when he was younger.

Later on he meets up with a girl who has a lot of character traits that remind him of his mother, so he sees her as that… Commandgirlvideo.

By the end of FATE, CommanderVideo learns that Timbletot was the reason why his father, Dave, was sentenced to death. At first he forgives him but he ends up losing control of his emotions. This leads to the events of FLUX.

Mr. Robotube from Woah Dave! Deluxe is the same one that appears in BIT.TRIP 5 and 6. He and Dave Lonuts were good friends. He was also abducted and mind controlled. 

After the events of Dave he avoided his death sentence by creating and hiding in a special suit for a very long time.


An interesting extra bit:

Adoma was inspecting earth to blow up for resource gems during the events of Dave. He got briefly involved then disappeared. Nobody knows what happened to him, but he never destroyed earth.

Destructamundo takes place on the same timeline for Dave. Some of the planets being destroyed are not far from earth. (After the events of BIT.TRIP FLUX this caused catastrophic world events, Earth becomes uninhabitable.)

Bloktom is Dave’s imaginary friend that could be real. Dave met him when he was a child, and he still exists inside his head. Dave believes he is real and sometimes, he might be.

Dave!? is a Dave Lonuts that exists in another reality. The situation is exactly the same as Dave’s, except his colors are reversed.

When you play as him you are playing in an alternate reality.

Illuminati confirmed.”



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knew it

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Haha That is so cool. I had no idea this could play out like this. Thank you for sharing  ganon95 !

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