Game release updates, and something a little more secretive

Dant Rambo

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I don't mean to rub it in, but we have quite a few awesome projects cooking over here at Choice Provisions. Some of them you're probably aware of--Woah Dave!, Destructamundo, Tharsis, Laserlife--and others haven't been announced yet. If that sounds like an insane amount of projects for a studio as small as ours, that's because it is. We're a bunch of crazy workaholics who happen to love making video games. Our masochism is your gain!

In the immediate future, you can expect Woah Dave! to release very soon. Like, incredibly soon. I know the exact release date, but am withholding that information at the moment for strategic marketing purposes. Rest assured, however, that I'm not lying when I say "soon." I've used the word three times now, so of course I'm telling the truth.

Beyond that, a release of Destructamundo isn't too far off, either. It's all done and good to go on iOS; we're just taking a bit of time to polish up the Steam version and make it as awesome as possible. We may Polish it up as well, but that remains to be seen.

Tharsis and Laserlife are a little further off, but Tharsis isn't really that far off. This is yet another situation where I know roughly when we'll be releasing it, but am refraining from saying until the time is right. Sorry about that.

Additionally, above and beyond just release announcements, we have some pretty amazing news to share with all of you soon. That's all I can say for now.

TL;DR - Woah Dave! and Destructamundo are coming out incredibly soon. Tharsis is also coming out soon, but not as soon. We also have another announcement to make here in the near future.



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