Drive!Drive!Drive! is releasing on December 13!

Dant Rambo

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As some of you may have seen, we’ve announced that Drive!Drive!Drive! is coming to PS4 and Steam on December 13! That’s so soon! 

Drive!Drive!Drive! was developed by Different Cloth, developer of lilt line and Derrick the Deathfin. As some of you may recall, we also published lilt line back in the days of WiiWare. Those sure were simpler times.

As its name implies, Drive!Drive!Drive! is a driving game where you race on multiple tracks at the same time. Any time you’re not racing on a particular track, the AI is doing it for you. The AI, however, is not what you’d call competent. This is why you need to switch between tracks regularly and do your best to place first on all of them.

Trust us when we say it’s as crazy as it sounds. It’s also packed with content. Some highlights:

  • Incredible soundtrack by synth-prog post-rock legends Zombi!
  • 100 tracks to race in Campaign and Offensive Modes!
  • Potential for more than 18.37 quintillion tracks to race via user generation!
  • Create, share, and rate tracks easily in the in-game track creator!
  • Four different game modes: Purist, Arcade, Collection, and Time Trial!
  • Up to four-player multiplayer!
  • More than nine unique environments!
  • Less than 11 unique vehicles!
  • Less than 11 unique environments!
  • More than nine unique vehicles! 

We can’t wait to share Drive!Drive!Drive! with you all on December 13!