Come visit us at PAX Prime!

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This blog post is reserved for people attending PAX Prime. If you aren’t going to PAX Prime, STOP READING RIGHT THIS SECOND.

Okay, they’re gone.

PAX Prime-goers! We are going to be showing off several amazing games, giving out lots of awesome swag, and using hand wipes regularly to ensure we don’t get sick. All of these things are pretty damn exciting.

If you stop by our booth (booth #673, located in the Indie Megabooth), you’ll have the chance to play:

Tharsis - Playable on iPad

Woah Dave! - Playable on custom-made arcade cabinets, 3DS, and Vita

Destructamundo - Playable on iPad

And, as mentioned above, you’ll also have the chance to pick up some exclusive swag! I could say what it is here, but that’s no fun. You’ll have to stop by and see for yourself! Rest assured, however, that it will be worth your while.

In the meantime, here's a picture of the custom-made Woah Dave! cabinet we'll have at our booth. Sadly, the pictured keg won't be at PAX with us. You'll have to get your beer elsewhere.


Submitted by IvanPeterman on Tue, 11/14/2017 - 2:18am

I remember playing Woah Dave during PAX prime. It was fun and many agree to my opinion in Please share any new games developed by you so that we can download and play.